Zeg ‘t eens: day 1 – Debunking!

The climax of the year is here again: the Zeg ‘t eens summerschool on science communication! As last year, I made my own small graphical summary of day 1. Enjoy!

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Saving lives with glow-in-the-dark (infographic)

Happy New Year, everyone!

The picture below is my first attempt at an infographic. It summarizes part of what my PhD was all about.

UPDATED version! (January 8, 2014)

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GITD infographic bis-01

From sun to fuel

Artificial leafEvery month, our research platform NB-photonics organizes a seminar on a hot topic, usually by one of the professors associated to the group. This time, they stepped out of their comfort zone and invited to ‘foreigners’ to discuss the subject of ‘harvesting’ fuel from the sun. Of course, I took notes…

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Why writing is (not) like sculpting

I wrote this post as a guest contribution for the amazing PhD Talk blog. You can find the original here.

I was not born a writer. When I was younger, I had to struggle a lot to get my ideas onto paper. Not that I did not know what I wanted to say, but after a few sentences, or even a few words, I would get stuck and start doubting my word choice, or the structure of the sentence I just wrote down. Obviously, this frightened me at the start of my PhD, since I knew I would have to write reports, papers, and ultimately my thesis. Indeed, writing is the most important skill of a PhD student. How would I ever manage to finish all that writing?

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NB-photonics annual meeting 2013

NB-photonics is the MRP (Multidisciplinary Research Partnership) our research group LumiLab is part of. In this partnership, nano- and biosciences are combined with the powerful new developments in photonics (waveguides, quantum dots, lab-on-a-chip,…). Thanks to a lot of people, a lot of effort and a lot of money, we are able to perform cutting-edge science in nano- and biotechnology. Every year in September, we have an annual meeting.

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Shaping Science: MRP event at Ghent University

MRP: Multidisciplinary Research Partnership. Multiple groups at Ghent University have joined forces in 5 large scientific collaborations. They’re working on immunology, bio-economy, the brain, light, and bio-informatics. Last friday, September 13th, they came together to celebrate this work at the forefront of science. Lieven Scheire was our host, as always combining intelligence with humour. Of course, I had to take some graphical notes… Continue reading

Invitation to my PhD defense


I’m finally able to proudly invite you to my upcoming PhD defense! Have you ever wondered why glow-in-the-dark toys are always green? Did you know that glow-in-the-dark can save lives? Don’t hesitate, just come and listen!

Date: Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Time: 3pm (reception afterwards)
Location: Het Pand (room Rector Blancquaert), Onderbergen 1, Ghent
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Zeg ‘t eens summerschool

My personal summary of the Zeg ‘t eens summerschool on science communication at VUB Brussel!

On day 1, I attended an awesome – but way too short – talk by Rita Carter! Unfortunately I suck at drawing weasels…

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Staring into the darkness

ship bridge03Do you remember those movies where a submarine or some large ship is sailing at night? As the captain is staring into the darkness, searching for enemy ships or dangerous icebergs, the bridge is illuminated by a dim, ominous red light. That’s because red light is the best choice to maintain our captain’s night vision. Or is it? Continue reading