The next step

Hey all,

You might have noticed that it has been rather silent on here, during the past few months. Today, the time has come to announce why. I’m starting a (tiny) graphic design business as an official, secondary occupation. It’s called ‘Baryon’, and the goal is to offer illustrations, infographics, visual summaries of events, and other graphic design services to scientists and academics. The official launch is planned on November 3rd, so stay tuned! If you want to be notified when all the exciting things happen, you can leave me your e-mail address on the website,

Hope to see you soon!


Zeg ‘t eens: day 1 – Debunking!

The climax of the year is here again: theĀ Zeg ‘t eens summerschool on science communication! As last year, I made my own small graphical summary of day 1. Enjoy!

(click on the image for the large version!)


SONOS app icon

SONOS Remote Controll app iconMy first icon in the Google Play store! Created for my brother in law.

Get the SONOS Remote Control app here!

The SONOS Remote Control app is the fastest, most responsive way to control you SONOS sound system. The app needed to represent a remote control with some of the typical buttons also encountered in the app.

Infographic: So you want to do a PhD?

I created this infographic for the Job Market for Young Researchers, where students in their final year of university come to find their ideal job. For those who are interested in staying at the university for a PhD, I was asked to make this poster to inform them about their chances of success and their future career options.


From sun to fuel

Artificial leafEvery month, our research platform NB-photonics organizes a seminar on a hot topic, usually by one of the professors associated to the group. This time, they stepped out of their comfort zone and invited to ‘foreigners’ to discuss the subject of ‘harvesting’ fuel from the sun. Of course, I took notes…

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NB-photonics annual meeting 2013

NB-photonics is the MRP (Multidisciplinary Research Partnership) our research group LumiLab is part of. In this partnership, nano- and biosciences are combined with the powerful new developments in photonics (waveguides, quantum dots, lab-on-a-chip,…). Thanks to a lot of people, a lot of effort and a lot of money, we are able to perform cutting-edge science in nano- and biotechnology. Every year in September, we have an annual meeting.

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