A survey redesign


About a year ago, I redesigned a slide I encountered during a course I was following. I received quite some (mostly positive) feedback, so today I’m presenting you part 2: a redesign of an online survey.

I had to fill out the following questionnaire to prepare for a Leadership course I will follow next week. This is what I saw:



Wow. It feels to me like a dictionary just exploded all over my computer screen. Furthermore, there is a lack of whitespace and the line length is way too long. This makes the questions and the answers extremely hard to read. Filling out surveys is boring enough without these additional hurdles!

Imagine a world where all surveys looked like this:


Ample whitespace, a font which is easy on the eyes, soft colours, no distractions. Just one question at a time. Yes, I even removed some unnecessary words. I can already feel the stress flowing out of my body.

Come on people, we are 2014, this is perfectly possible. Let’s get rid of those crappy surveys once and for all, shall we?

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