From sun to fuel

Artificial leafEvery month, our research platform NB-photonics organizes a seminar on a hot topic, usually by one of the professors associated to the group. This time, they stepped out of their comfort zone and invited to ‘foreigners’ to discuss the subject of ‘harvesting’ fuel from the sun. Of course, I took notes…

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A slight slide redesign

Bad slide exampleThis slide gave me a headache yesterday, during my Tech Transfer Skills course. Why do slides like this still exist? It’s a foolproof way to lose your audience’s attention.

So I gave it a try and attempted to improve it. What do you think?

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Lisboa remains one of my favourite cities to pay a visit, with a large variety of things to see and do. And on top of that, the city’s streets and buildings are very photogenic!


Why writing is (not) like sculpting

I wrote this post as a guest contribution for the amazing PhD Talk blog. You can find the original here.

I was not born a writer. When I was younger, I had to struggle a lot to get my ideas onto paper. Not that I did not know what I wanted to say, but after a few sentences, or even a few words, I would get stuck and start doubting my word choice, or the structure of the sentence I just wrote down. Obviously, this frightened me at the start of my PhD, since I knew I would have to write reports, papers, and ultimately my thesis. Indeed, writing is the most important skill of a PhD student. How would I ever manage to finish all that writing?

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I will regularly post some of my recent photographs and illustrations, in order to start building a small and modest portfolio. Here is the first picture, taken for an assignment in my photography course (in the subject ‘landscape’).